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Feedback from some of our happy patients!

Friendly Professionalism

The service from Dr. Nobuko Ito and staff at Hearbright is very impressive. I called Dr. Ito from a reference given to me by my physician. I have been really impressed by the knowledge and expert handling of my ear problems. The two hearing aids by Oticon are excellent. One is an IIC hearing aid and i just received it today. The calibration on both hearing aids is very through and well done. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Hearbright is excellent. I highly recommend any friends of mine who have a hearing problem to visit Dr. Nobuko Ito and Hearbright.

D Cheeseman Ph.D. | San Jose

Important Sounds

As a high school student, it’s really important that I hear my teachers, especially in my AP classes. Without the care from Dr. Ito and Yvette, and hearing aids, I’m at such a disadvantage. But most importantly, Dr. Ito and her staff didn’t just put the hearing aids on me. They customized the aids with the computer and took measurements to make sure of the sound for me.

Edward A. | Student San Jose

Sounds I had forgotten

I’m really happy. The other day I was standing outside of my garage and I heard the birds. I could always see them, but not hear them! Now I’m turning down the television, too. I wish I had done this sooner!

Frank G. | San Jose

Interested In Me

After wearing hearing aids for the past 40 years, turning to HearBright this past year has been a remarkably rewarding experience. Coming from a family owned provider, HearBright made me feel right at home with a personal touch making my transition seamless. From the front desk Yvette Mayoral thru Dr. Ito and every step along the way, they accomplished getting me dialed in to my ever changing needs with changing technology. I look forward to a lasting relationship with HearBright and what new concepts come our way.

Stewart S. | San Jose