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Welcome to Hearbright

Welcome to HearBright!

Providing premier hearing care and best value hearing enhancement& hearing aids to the San Jose, CA area since 2001.

Welcome to HearBright, where your hearing healthcare is our expertise. Why is HearBright the Audiology and Hearing Aids leader in San Jose? Because our Audiologists have special training in BrainhearingTM , Oticon's approach to handling the science of hearing. We believe that hearing is not just a simple function. It's an experience which encompasses the ears AND the brain. When the system is managed correctly, you can have clarity, understanding, and ease of listening. If an untrained person fits you with devices, you can have fragmented speech understanding. Our approach to hearing is the "whole person," not just the ears. Learn more about BrainHearingTM

For over two decades, our Doctors of Audiology specialists have served the medical community of San Jose by providing hearing tests for patients from pediatrics to seniors. Join the thousands of patients who come to us to care for their hearing!

Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Unitron, Signia, and Widex are just some of the brand names we have available. We strive to keep our hearing aid prices low because our goal is to serve our community with top quality hearing aids at affordable prices.


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For almost two decades, our Doctors of Audiology specialists have served the medical communities of San Jose and surrounding areas by providing hearing tests for all patients from pediatrics to seniors. We also specialize in the fitting and aftercare of a wide range of hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers.

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Hearing Solutions.

Excellent Hearing


You may be a candidate for enhancers instead of hearing aids. Enhancers do not interfere with normal hearing, but instead add a boost to existing hearing for brighter, crisper sound.



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