A Hearing Aid is not a Hearing Aid

It’s not a One-Size-Fits-All. HearBright has the best selection of Hearing Aids in San Jose.

HearBright is independently owned and operated. This means that we have the full range of hearing aids on the market, and can select the manufacturer and model which best suits YOUR hearing profile, without a hidden agenda or contract. Each manufacturer specializes and excels in different populations. Different algorithms and features mean different sound qualities. Let our research and expertise do its part on YOUR behalf.

Real Ear Measurement And Why It Matters To You

We always undertake state-of-the-art real ear measurement to verify every device we fit. To add to the accuracy of the threshold testing, we carefully measure the frequency shaping of the device while it is situated in the ear. This fine-tuning of the device is a critical step in all the benefits you get from sharp hearing. With Real Ear Measurements, the individual shape and size of your ear canal affecting the sound are taken into account.

Premium Hearing Health Care

First thing is first. Our diagnostic audiologic evaluation is performed to determine if a medical condition which affects your hearing is present. By working closely with your physician, any treatable condition regarding your ears is addressed first. If hearing aids is the answer, the diagnostic test is an important tool for deciding the appropriate type of hearing aid for you. Coupled with a Lifestyle Assessment, your budget, and the benefits of each selection, the best model and type of hearing aid is carefully selected.

Trust Of The Medical Community In San Jose

HearBright has a well-established reputation in the medical communities we serve. By providing regular hearing checks to monitor thresholds, any changes that require your physician’s attention can be addressed. We have a reputation of providing excellent and honest hearing care and extensive experience in detecting conditions of the ears which may be medically treatable. All of our staff are comprehensively qualified and our senior audiology staff undertake continued education courses.

We Have The Expertise

Over the course of 14 years of delivery and service, 21,000 people have come to us for hearing evaluations. With an average of 80 hearing aids per month fit on individuals at HearBright, we have the expertise in not only providing the right hearing technology, but also the important knowledge of auditory learning, sound perception, and sound adaptation. These factors have a direct affect on hearing aid user experience.

We Narrow Down the Picture

Hearing aid advertisements and marketing terminology used by the manufacturers are confusing. Sometimes the information is misleading, and many times not applicable to you. How do you sort through the massive amount of information? You don’t need to. We have the knowledge of which manufacturers are reliable, which have the best sound quality, and which models are the most appropriate for your hearing profile. Let our research and expertise do the work for you.

Keeping Our Hearing Aids Prices Low

With no mailings, no advertisements, and no salespeople, we can pass on the savings to you. HearBright believes in serving the San Jose community with best value, so that you are not overpaying. And our recommendations are not based on the price, but on the best value for you.

Unbiased Choices

As an independent hearing healthcare provider, we have total freedom to use any of the best hearing aid manufacturer’s products. This ensures that we can provide you with truly the best hearing aid solution for your hearing profile. Our selection of brands and manufacturers is based on YOUR individual needs, not a hidden agenda of selling one brand over another for business agreements. We help to find the right hearing technology for you, at the most economical price.

A Truly High Standard Of Care

We continually strive to use the latest technology in diagnostic equipment. From specialized infant testing equipment to Videonystagmography, we invest in high quality performance so that we are constantly on the cutting edge. We use the latest protocols for testing and verification. Using computer-based audiological equipment keeps us efficient, accurate, and quick. Using networked systems means that access to your records is always at our fingertips and scanned secured records means that your records are always to hand and secure.