What is an “Enhancer?”

An Enhancer is not a hearing aid, yet it is generally categorized as one. Unfortunately, the term “hearing aids” conjures up images of old, clunky things which protrude from the ear or sit heavily behind the ear, an ugly plastic prosthesis that yells out to the world, “I’m old and handicapped.” The term “hearing aids” should be reserved for the old style that still exists out there. The Enhancer is very different.

As a matter of fact, enhancers are a popular choice at Hearbright. “Enhancers” refers more to the function of the device than the physical shape, although the shape of the device plays a direct role in the way it works in the ear.

What does the Enhancer look like?

“Petite” is the word for it. It sits lightly behind the ear, and a thin wire blends into the curve of the front of the ear, leading to a small speaker which perches in the space of the ear canal. The speaker is so small that it occupies just a small space in the ear channel, and doesn’t block it like a conventional hearing aid would. Many people wear the Enhancer daily, unbeknownst to the outside world.

What kind of hearing loss is appropriate for “enhancement?”

Most of us have hearing loss which is worse in the high frequencies than the low frequencies. If you have a partial high frequency hearing loss, you have the perfect hearing loss for this type of device. The “enhancement” of sound applies to the high frequencies, because it selectively amplifies the appropriate sounds, without the loudness. In essence, it enhances clarity.

How does “enhancement” work?

The device is custom programmed so that each frequency is boosted by the exact appropriate amount. Most importantly, the enhancement applies to the high frequencies, but not the lows. The low frequencies, where many of us have normal to near-normal hearing, is not modified. In fact, the low frequencies are unobstructed in the case of enhancement. With the tiny speaker perched in the ear canal, the low frequencies are free to flow naturally to the eardrum.

Is it available to try?
Yes! Try the popular HearBorrow Program at HearBright.

You can try on the Enhancer during a consultation visit at HearBright. But to get a better idea of how it will impact your life, borrow a pair from the special stock at HearBright. Enhancement is available as part of the unique HearBorrow Program ($500 per pair including the custom-programming, office visits, in-lab services, and five weeks of use). Have the enhancers custom-programmed according to your audiogram results. For five weeks, you can wear the enhancers and see what a life-changer it is for you. If you like them, apply the cost of the HearBorrow Program toward the purchase. There is absolutely nothing to lose, and many others have discovered a new world of better clarity, easier listening, and superb sound quality!

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