About Our Hearing Center

There are approximately 31 million individuals with hearing loss in the United States (about 10% of the population). Many lives are impacted by the loss of hearing – family members and other loved ones are affected, not to mention the individual with the hearing loss. At HearBright, we understand how important your hearing is and we employ a step-by-step process to bring you back to better hearing – the right way.

We provide custom-made hearing aids and use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely program digital hearing aids to match your hearing loss, and employ close follow-up to adjust the sound quality as you acclimate to the new sounds.

Our full range of the latest hearing aids is backed by extensive research and high standards of quality control. From the smallest in-the-ear hearing aid to the most powerful device, we maintain the best quality choice for your particular needs. Each device is custom-made to fit your ear canal, and comes with a full worry-free warranty. We take care of adjustments and repairs conveniently at our office. At HearBright, we understand your improved hearing is too valuable to be treated with radio ads for disposable aids, or on-line quick buys.

Our audiologists are also licensed to perform diagnostic evaluations of adults and children. Specialized pediatric testing, auditory brainstem response testing and otoacoustic emissions recordings are just a few of the sate-of-the-art evaluations we conduct. We are a preferred provider in major networks such as Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA), San Jose Medical Group, Physician’s Medical Group, Premier Care, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Healthnet, Tri-Care, Medicare, and Medi-Cal.