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Why HearBright Hearing Aids Work: Reason #2: The Journey

By Nobuko Ito, Au.D.




This is the story of a HearBright hearing aid. It's actually a story of the journey, and everything that is a part of that journey. Because, you see, it's not just a hearing aid.


First, the hearing aid must pass our quality control testing:


As I wrote about before, each hearing aid model must pass a rigorous field test before it is made available at HearBright. You can read about the field test here.


Next, let’s carefully choose the right model for you:


Whether it's Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Widex, Starkey, or Signia, the choice of the hearing aid manufacturer will depend on many factors.


Do you use an iPhone or iPad? Then one of the direct-to-iPhone hearing aids might be right for you. Do you have some sensitivity to sounds? Some vendors offer a softer sound. Other vendors offer a sharper, more detailed sound quality. Do you have an unusually small ear canal? Some vendors offer a smaller speaker that fits in your ear with more of a curved shape. Do you have a severe hearing loss? Some vendors specialize in power hearing aids. Do you prefer a rechargeable device? Do you need custom in-the-ear aids? Certain vendors excel in shaping the aid and offering a comfortable fit.


These factors and many others play a part in the selection of the right model for you. HearBright is an independently owned practice. We have no agenda, no “contracts,” and no obligations to any particular manufacturer. That is why we can make a selection based on your best interests.


Sometimes, the HearBorrow Program works best. This five-week program allows you to borrow hearing aids so that you're sure of the selection, and the $500 cost is put toward the final purchase.


Now it’s time for you to start hearing better!


Next, the HearListen Program gives you a step-by-step journey to better hearing. Our staff receives special training on the brain and how we adapt to hearing loss, as well as how we benefit from the sound stimulation of hearing aids. Do you need extra time to practice hearing, optimizing your auditory processing? Do you need extra time in the Hearing Aid Workshop where you learn about how to wear the devices? We take the necessary steps to get you there.


After you have achieved your best hearing, our program includes a visit to our in-house repair lab every six months, where your hearing aids will be deep-cleaned, dehumidified, and updated with new parts. This proactive maintenance program keeps your hearing aids running at their best. Real Ear Measurements verify that the aids are programmed perfectly to your hearing loss, and ear wax cleanings keep you hearing your best!


Our clinics are open all day, Monday through Friday.


You can walk in and have your hearing aids cleaned, checked, or repaired. We're always happy to see you!