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It’s All About Your Hearing.

Hearing Aid Fitting

At HearBright, we consider this to be the most important step in the entire journey of this new chapter in your life.

As we like to say, "Anyone can give you hearing aids, but the success is in the steps that are taken." Unfortunately, as audiologists we are taught in school to fit hearing aids to give the patient perfect hearing. As we have learned at HearBright over the years, it is not so simple. Instead of rushing to give you the "perfect hearing" that we all want, we take the time for our unique step-by-step program.  

Acclimation to new hearing varies widely between individuals. For some, the sensation of new sounds is a welcome and easy transition. For others, the process takes more time. At HearBright, we carefully take note of health history, individual preferences, and even personality differences before fitting hearing aids on a patient. Each person differs in sound sensitivity and sound perception.

Because everyone is different, we take the time to tailor the appointment. For many individuals, this can take several appointments for the fitting. This will allow for acclimation to occur. The end result is well worth the extra effort for something as important as your hearing. At HearBright, we take the time to do it right!