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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth technology is available in many models of hearing aids. It's important to note that the hearing aids have the capability, but not the requirement, for Bluetooth communication. This means that in order to use the hearing aid, it is not necessary to utilize it via the Bluetooth signal. It's an optional feature.

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids means that the hearing aid can be paired to a variety of other devices such as iphones, ipads, or an intermediary device between the iphone or ipad and the hearing aid. Using the 2.4GHz signal, the hearing aid receives signals and the user hears the streamed communication through the hearing aids.

Many hearing aids are Bluetooth capable, but not all have the 2.4GHz capability. Many hearing aid models need an "adapter" to convert the 900 MHz signal to a Bluetooth signal.

Why should I use Bluetooth hearing aids?

If you use your iPhone to stream music or take phone calls using a bluetooth headset, the bluetooth hearing aids will take the place of your headset. In addition, the sound quality will be "calibrated" to your thresholds, so the sound quality will be an improvement over your headset.

If you currently have difficulties hearing clearly on your cell phone, the Bluetooth hearing aids will offer improved understanding of the incoming voice. You will also find that you can understand conversations on your cell phone at a lower volume.

If you have difficulties hearing the television even with your hearing aids, you will find that a "TV Box" that is paired with your hearing aids or with the "adapter" will bring the sound to your hearing aids, resulting in improved clarity. Also, the "TV Box" will allow you to turn the volume down on the speakers of your television, so that you can watch television without disturbing others. Both the "TV Box" and the "adapter" are dedicated items that are offered by the hearing aid manufacturer.

Is it necessary to use the Bluetooth feature on my hearing aids?

The Bluetooth feature of the hearing aid is not for everyone. Some people find that it is not a nessecity in their day-to-day lives, especially if they do not stream music or don't use their cell phone often.