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It’s All About Your Hearing.

Are You a Candidate for Enhancement Instead of Hearing Aids? HearLite is the convenient answer.

HearLite: A Brighter, Crisper and Clearer World, Giving You The Competitive Edge

Give yourself a boost . For those with near-normal hearing but with high demands and a high standard. Hearing enhancement using HearLite is very natural, easy to wear, and easy to enjoy. Worn all day, everyday, it provides the wearer with excellent hearing and awareness of a dynamic environment. Designed for this generation, it helps us keep pace with a busy lifestyle.

Yet unlike an over-the-counter amplifier, the small HearLite device is computer programmed via bluetooth. The careful programming ensures a highly accurate adjustment of the sound. This is why so many people make it a part of their everyday lives at work and at play.

Practically invisible hearing enhancement solution

The ultra-comfortable and invisible design of HearLite make this a wearble device for everyone. With the small speaker in the ear connected to a rechargeable sound processor behind the ear, it is the ultimate everyday device for all ears.

Three Power Levels to Choose From 

To add to the accuracy of the device, choose from mild, moderate, or power. Each model has more boost, but is carefully designed with state-of-the-art sound processors. Even in noisy environments, the advanced technology provides clear, crisp hearing of conversations. Try one for yourself!

Pick it up at the Counter

The HearLite is ready for pick up at the counter. Ask your HearBright Audiologist which power is right for you, and leave with a boost to your hearing!